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Before Purchasing a Firearm, you must read this free eBooklet:

Gun Safety, what you need to know about safe shooting

“The great object is that every man be armed…
every man who is able may have a gun.”
Patrick Henry

Download Gun Safety, what you need to know for safe shooting. It’s free and the information within it could save a life, maybe even yours.

The things that help us the most can also harm us the most.

Fire heats our homes and cooks our food. Explosions of fire in the pistons propel our cars forward. However, fire can also kill us and even destroy a town or more.

The same is true with Firearms. The difference between helping or harming is INTENTION and CONTROL.

On the bright side, each year between 500-thousand and 2-million crimes are stopped in the U.S. because a citizen had a gun.

On the dark side, about 500 people are killed a year by gun accidents.

The first and most important step for any gun owner is to learn the 11 SAFETY MUSTS for gun ownership. This 5-minute-read, free eBooklet outlines the 11 firearm Safety Musts in simple terms and easy to read fashion.

  • Safety Must #8 describes what you should never wear when shooting. (It’s not what you think.)
  • Safety Must #1 tells you the very first thing you always must do when picking up a firearm.
  • Safety Must #10 describes how to carry and not carry a gun. Deaths have occurred simply because the firearm wasn’t carried properly.

If you think that these Safety Musts are common sense rules, you would be right. But then again lack of following them has resulted in unnecessary disasters. As they say, “Common sense isn’t always so common.”

At Adams Arms your safety is our number one priority. Those aren’t just idle words. We manufacture American made firearms so you may protect yourself and your loved ones. Inherit in our purpose is making sure your firearms are always under your control and you handle them safely.

To your continued safety,
Jason East, President Adams Arms

About Adams Arms

In a changing nation where the fastest growing markets of first-time gun owners are millennials, women and people of color, the old public impression that all gun owners has faded. Skill proficiency, adventure and empowerment are spearheading the sharp demand for firearms and ammunition, while personal and home defense continues to be a driving force. Adams Arms, headquartered in Brooksville, Florida is the face of reliable, clean, and cool AR15 firearms operation with its patented piston drive action ─ favorites of gun enthusiasts across the country. Known for their years of parts experience and their engineering and design prowess, their Retro-Fit system can be installed by owners or piston-action arms can be purchased new. Adams Arms’ proprietary PVD and meloniting processes and their lifetime warranty make their lineup of products dependable for years to come. Adams Arms are there when it counts the most.

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