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The Adams Arms Piston System

From 2 Hours to 2 Minutes: Advancing the Technology of the AR-15 Rifle Effortless Cleaning & Seamless Shooting Experience

Shooters all know that the fun of training comes at a cost. Along with the cost per round there’s a time expense, every round popped means just that much more carbon and grime build up in your gun; but that’s not all, that carbon and heat also wear down your rifle just a bit faster. So, it’s all about time and money!

Adams Arms is here to save you on both. We start by making our rifles very affordable. Next, we build every rifle with great attention to detail surrounding our Advanced Piston System. Then we sweeten it up with much of the furniture and upgrades you’re going to want, like Rave 140 3.5lb triggers in our P2’s or Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrels on our P3’s, Kriss Stocks, METAL flip up sights, Ergo Gripz…the list is huge and continues to improve.

Pistons guns are preferred by nearly every fighting force in the world. It’s clear that the old DI systems are on their way out and Piston systems will be the standard of the future. They are just simply better.

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Adams Arms

The Adams Arms team is committed to providing cutting edge technology that meets the real needs of the modern warrior, starting with the industry’s first and only patented retrofit kit for the AR 15 Platform that makes it a relevant weapon of the future. We will continue to develop products that improve performance and minimize maintenance at the highest level of quality from full rifles to all relative configurations.

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Adams Arms P1

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Pistol P1 5.56 11.5" Left

Pistol P1 5.56 11.5" Left


Rifle P1 5.56 16" Left

Rifle P1 5.56 16" Left



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So I followed these instructions:

"...Put a pistol on a brace it turns into a gun. Makes them more you can have a higher caliber weapon a higher caliber bullet coming out of that gun...."

Didn't work, please help.

Do you think more heat and carbon buildup inside the Receiver is a good thing?

An AR isn't just about fun at the range, it's the proverbial Warrior in a Garden and it needs to be capable. Direct Impingement is "good enough" but it will never be the best. Pistons for ME ...please!

Are you truly ever done?

When my gun builder obsession started, I had grand plans and a vision of the end state. Now all I know is that I'll never be truly done. But one thing is consistent through all my builds, I'm always looking to improve. Enter: Adams Arms Pistons Systems!

Why not go further? Why not decide to be better? What's wrong with different?

Adams Arms rifles would be a phenomenal DI rifle, we've gone that far for sure, but it's better. We didn't stop short. We are in a pursuit to BE THE BEST!

Father's day is coming quick🤣 And that's how you were made. IYKYK.
It's probably controversial to some folks to make Fathers Day a masculine event but I don't think any of us truly care. Let's celebrate Fathers and the men that filled the role of Dad and call it what... it is.

Don't you just love Phil's Florida Gun-shine State style?

What's even cooler than that? The 7.62x39 run optimally out of the Superior AMERICAN piston rifle. Done right by maintaining the heritage of the Piston, this Cold War Peace summit in a rifle is clean COOL and ...reliable.

I'm sure some of you are sick of waiting. Wait no more!

The 7.62x39 retrofit kit is finally here to satisfy OUR need to run this piston perfect, icon of a round. Just don't forget the charging handle isn't on the right side.

I'm always putting off my shopping and forgetting that shipping is an issue. Don't be like me. Plan ahead.

Code: FathersDay24
You know where to go, you know what this is for...20% off.

Which of these girthy loads are you picking for @kyballistics
Some of you may already know, but @Tactical_Rifleman has a custom Adams Arms build coming soon...the TR-1A1. Similarly what Cartridge is most befitting of @kyballistics and his Girth-shattering presence?

What are you getting dad?

I'm a dad and I'm perfectly okay with nothing. But honestly if you hit me with a P2 5.56 16" I would be over the moon excited.

Make sure you get the unboxing on camera so you can catch the old man in 4K crying with joy.
#ar15 #ar15s ...#ar15build

The countdown begins. Winner selected 6/24/24

Enter Here:

This P2 5.56 16" upper is my favorite way to upgrade. Two takedown pins to win!

The last winner did all the entries and it paid out. I suggest you do the same. Good luck.

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