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GOV./LE Sales

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The Adams Arms piston system is the gold standard for piston driven rifles. Keeping the heat and fouling out of your chamber drastically reduces your need to clean and perform maintenance. This extends the service life of your rifle and returns valuable time to your people to focus on the community they serve. With us you do not just buy a rifle, you receive a service. We pride ourselves on manufacturing high quality rifles that tactically perform beyond expectations. Suppressors pair perfectly with our piston system and reduce the gas blowback well beyond the capabilities of an antiquated direct impingement rifle. Join the ranks of law enforcement agencies across the nation who trust Adams Arms for superior firearms solutions. Contact our team at the Adams Arms Law Enforcement Division to learn more about our piston rifles and how they can elevate your operational capabilities.

Sheriff Bob White talks about Adams Arms

bob white

Sheriff Bob White (Ret.)

Pasco County Sheriff

Join the Ranks of Law Enforcement
Agencies across the Nation

Let’s face it, Cleaning your rifle is a lame and boring endeavor. Some gun nerds actually seem to like it but those are the weird sort of people that fold their laundry as soon as it comes out of the dryer. Then why have a laundry chair?


A piston system solves your problems in so many ways. Clean less, while your rifle runs better, and it makes you feel like the slick operator badass that 90s action movies promised you could be. Bonus points if you hear the 007 soundtrack in your head when screwing on that suppressor, which coincidentally works with piston guns better than cheese on pizza.


Choosing a piston rifle over a DI gun doesn’t just mean your rifle is better, it means you are better. The secretly jealous weirdos that “love” DI guns may berate you with silly useless comments like, “it’s just a solution in search of a problem” or “it makes your rifle heavy” or “standing to pee is just a solution in search of a problem” but you can thumb your nose at them knowing that when you get back from the range they’re going to be caked in carbon and grime while you’re doing a simple wipe down.



Here are some of the main differences when using the Adams Arms Operating System:


  • Short Stroke Free Floating Piston System
  • Self Cleaning
  • Carbon and gases are expelled forward, away from the operator
  • Bolt Carrier Group and other critical components remain cool and clean
  • Corrosive resistant coating processes
  • Harmonics are not transferred into the barrel
  • Adjustable gas settings for various applications, such as suppressors, and subsonic ammunition
  • Doesn’t vent direct to atmospheric pressure; this eliminates flash
    signature and supersonic crack which is optimal for night vision and
    suppressed fire

Adams Arms US also offers armorer courses, comprehensive training programs, and after-sale parts and service for all LE agencies adopting our firearms.


Please contact Adams Arms LE sales team for any questions concerning law enforcement sales, customer service, armorer course information, registration, and scheduling.

Ron Rogers
Director of LE Sales

Nikki White
LE Business Development

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