Ukrainian Border Guard Support Shirt


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“Russian warship, go fuck yourself” – the last broadcasted words of the Ukrainian Border Guard unit stationed at Zmiinyi “Snake” island as Russian invaders took the island.

This shirt symbolizes the unwavering courage of the Ukrainian Border Guard, who displayed extreme bravery in the face of their adversaries on Zmiinyi Island, against the odds. On the front of the shirt is the Border Guard’s emblem, surrounded by, “Russian warship, go fuck yourself” in Ukrainian – the last broadcasted words of the Ukrainian Border Guard unit stationed on the island. On the back of the shirt is our Adams Arms logo, written in Ukrainian script, and in their national colors.

In this difficult and trying time, we stand with Ukraine and their mission to fend off Russian invaders.

Since the Russian invasion one week ago, we have all seen footage of the realities of this war, and the incredible Ukrainian courage in the face of those realities. In the last few months, we at Adams Arms have been building rifles for Ukrainian orders, and in the last week, we have been working around the clock to ensure that our shipments make it Ukraine, unmolested and in their entirety. We will also be selling these shirts via our website, with the proceeds going to the Ukrainian National Bank’s war funds.


These are 50/50 cotton/poly blend Gildan G800 T-Shirts.

These shirts ship free to the lower 48 states. Free shipping cannot be combined with other items. Please email for an outside shipping, as these may incur a slight charge.

Please allow up to 4 weeks for t-shirts to ship.

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