VDI Manimal Extended Flash Hider


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VooDoo Manimal A2 Extended Flash Hider

The Voodoo Innovations Manimal extended low-profile Flash Hider is designed and built specifically for use with 14.5 inch barrels (or other barrels) that require a pinned and welded muzzle device. The Manimals design allows it to be pinned and welded to a 14.5 inch barrel with a .750 gas block profile, without restricting the ability to take you gas block on and off. Any .750 gas block will slide right over the Manimal, allowing for easy maintenance and part swapping, without breaking your welded flash hider loose, or causing other damage.

This Manimal is treated with a proprietary LifeCoat process for durability and corrosive resistance. Included is a Manimal Crush Washer. Lifetime Warranty.

1.985″ total length of flash hider.

*Weight: 1.472 oz.

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