Functionally Perfect, Aesthetically Challenged!

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Since our founding, Adams Arms has strived to bring our customers the very best rifles, uppers, kits, and parts on the market. We’re confident enough in our products to give them a lifetime warranty, one that follows the product, not the person. We hold every single part we make to the highest standards to ensure everything is worthy of the Adams Arms name.


Occasionally, things don’t go as planned and we end up with something that doesn’t meet our standards. If it’s out of spec, we scrap it and start over, but, if its cosmetically blemished, but otherwise functional, we give it a second chance and sell it as a “blem” item. In Golf, this second chance is called a “Mulligan”.


Here in the free state of Florida, we get to enjoy some of the best quality of life, such as freedom, great weather, amazing beaches, booming economy, fishing, golf, and amazing crystal-clear springs. Springs that are home to one of the most unique creatures in the world, the Florida Manatee. The manatee is the unsung hero of our rivers, estuaries and springs here in Florida. Most of them, unfortunately wear scars, nicks, and scrapes from close encounters with speeding boats.


Like our blemished items they get a second chance at life, that’s why we are proud to introduce “Mulligan Manny”. But this isn’t your gentle, grass munching sea cow. Manny’s pissed, and he’s not taking crap from speed boats and bro-dudes on jets skis anymore. Manny’s here to kick ass and chew grass, and he’s all outta grass.


As of today all Blemished items will come with a laser engraving of Mulligan Manny, sporting one of our rifles. Just like all Adams Arms products, these will still carry our lifetime warranty for functionality. You can view and purchase these items here!

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