How to Improve your AR 15 Rifle

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It is always nice to hear from our AR15 users and Dave Morelli who writes for gun digest magazine, recently posted a video of how to improve your AR 15 Rifle with the Adams Arms gas piston system. Dave runs 100 rounds through his piston driven AR and shows you what the bolt carrier looks like after. Check out the video transcription below.



“Hello Dave Morelli here,

Recently I’ve been doing a series of articles for gun digest magazine on how you can improve your AR 15 platform rifle. The first one we are going to do is change this rifle from a gas impingement system to a gas piston system. Brownells carries a variety of systems; the one we are going to use today is from Adams arms. The benefit of using a gas piston system over the impingement system is there will be less dirt, grime, and hot gasses deposited into the bolt carrier region.


Basically, what we have done is we replaced the gas tube which runs from the gas block on the AR 15 site all the way through to this upper receiver area here where it contacts the bolt carrier. We have replaced it with this rod, that is a piston right here, and you can see it moves back and forth. When the gas comes out of the barrel it hits this piston area and pushes the rod back and the rod makes contact with the bolt carrier and that’s what cycles the action. The Adams Arms System comes with a gas block that has a picatinny rail so you can replace the site on there if you want and on this one I actually have a set; this is a Daniel Defense Peep site set up on this rifle.


Let’s go out on the range and run some rounds through here. I’m going to put probably 100 rounds through it and then we will take a look at the bolt carrier area and see what it looks like.



I really like it! It’s a nice smooth shooting gun, no jams, no problems. Let’s take a look at the bolt carrier area and see what kind of fouling there is now that we have shot about 100 rounds through here. Let’s take a look at this bolt carrier now and see how dirty it is. Well take a look, there is our bolt carrier from the gas piston system. There is absolutely no dirt, or grime here definitely a lot cleaner.


There you have it the Adams Arms Retrofit Gas Piston System. Definitely keeps all the dirty gas and bad stuff out of the upper receiver and out of the bolt carrier area. Get’s an A+ from me! Until next time, I’m Dave Morelli, keep on shooting.”


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