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If you have ever wondered what exactly comes in the Adams Arms gas piston conversion kit and whether or not it is easy to install right out of the box, check out what Michael Willett from Denver Firearms Examiner had to say in his article “Adams Arms Gas Piston System” when he received his present from the postman.


Adams Arms manufactures a retrofit gas piston system for the AR-15. If you are not familiar with the difference between the two operations of the Ar-15, please check out the Adam Arms YouTube video for an illustrated video explanation.


Installing this kit on the AR-15 platform was as simple as reading and following the directions supplied with the kit, but if there are additional questions the Adams Arms folks are more than happy to assist in any way that they can. All the parts are supplied along with a tool to install the bushing into the receiver, which is very handy. It is also explained as to the best method of securing the bushing to the supplied rod during installation. The installation of the bushing into the upper receiver was by far the most difficult part of the conversion from gas to gas piston.

Once the installation of the bushing has been completed everything else fall into place. There is a gas block specifically for the system, which is also keyed for different position based on the set up you will be operating with the piston kit. The piston is made precisely and with quality materials which is evident in the operation of the rifle with the kit installed. A new bolt key is included along with the screws to attach it to the bolt carrier, not to mention some Loctite as well. Other mentionable parts include the new modified hand guard cap and hand guards to give a little room for the operation of the piston set up.


Once all the parts have been properly installed and spaced accordingly all that is needed is to break out the torque wrench and torque everything to the specifications noted in the installation instructions. Now comes the fun part, taking your rifle to the range and testing out the new gas piston kit you just installed.

When firing the AR-15 with the kit it is well worth noting that the recoil is diminished along with the noticeable reduction of carbon build up in the chamber. There will be some gasses in the action, but it is definitely not as plentiful as a gas operated system AR-15.

Overall, it was a pleasant surprise firing the AR-15 with the new system installed, with the exception of the ammo prices. The system provided a smooth, quick, and unnoticeable operation of the firearm with additional benefits making the experience quite enjoyable.”

For help installing your own gas piston kit, check out our Adams Arms Gas Piston Conversion Kit Installation blog. Haven’t purchased your own conversion kit yet? Click Here to check out our full line of kits.

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