Piston Driven Competition Optic Ready Upper Launches on Black Friday

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This Black Friday, Adams Arms will be releasing a new upper that will change the AR-15 forever. The brand new Competition Optic Ready (COR) Upper is a game changer in the industry and will revolutionize the professional and competitive shooting game. There are a number of highlights when talking about this upper, so let us lay them out for you and show you exactly what we are dealing with here.




The Adams Arms Competition Optic Ready (COR) Upper was designed with the professional/competition shooter in mind. It was arranged to be light and nimble with an ultra-soft recoil pulse. To achieve this, Adams Arms started with a 16.5″ light weight rifle length barrel, then incorporated their patented inverted piston system along with a 20% lighter carrier and a Jet Comp. Configuring it like this allows for an ergonomically correct upper/rifle with maximum allowable hand positioning. This upper will require very little maintenance and is easy to drive from target to target while still offering long range ballistic advantages with a guaranteed 1/2 inch MOA (minute of angle) at 100 yards. Jim Granger, Vice President of Firearms at Adams, summed it up, “This is the softest shooting rifle we have ever produced.”The brand new COR upper also comes with a number of other features that truly make it a one-of-a-kind rifle. These features are:

VooDoo Barrel (16.5″ Ultra Light (.625) Rifle Length Match Grade With A .750 Gas Seat)

Much like the tires on a race car, a rifle is only as good as the barrel it comes with. All Adams Arms barrels are made by VooDoo Innovations (VDI). VDI barrels are machined from Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel, polygonal rifled and chambered in 5.56. They are finished with a proprietary Melonite treatment inside as well as outside. Melonite is a molecular bonding process which allows chemicals to permeate below the surface area instead of merely adding a top layer which is associated with chrome barrels. This allows the barrel to be cut to a true rifle bore while maintaining complete corrossion resistance and virtually no wear or tear. The result is a barrel with the accuracy of a steel barrel, but with the added durability of a chrome lined barrel.

Adams Arms Low Mass Carrier

This is a one piece carrier that is 20% lighter than standard carriers and allows for maximum tune-ability and performance.


VooDoo Jet Comp

VDI Jet Comps are designed to maintain target acquisition while engaging the target in a dynamic scenario. This design reduces felt recoil and muzzle rise by the direction of the vented gas. This Jet Comp is treated with a proprietary Melonite process for added durability and corrosive resistance. It also includes a crush washer and is ideal for dynamic shooting.

Diamondhead D45 Swing Sites

The revolutionary Diamondhead D-45 Integrated Sighting System takes sighting to an entirely new level. If a fast and accurate CQC target acquisition is needed, or the optic goes down, simply flip out the D-45 sights and roll the weapon 45 degrees counter-clockwise. The D-45 REAR sight’s patented diamond-shaped aperture and diamond-shaped upper housing allow the eye to place the D-45 FRONT sight’s post in the exact center of the rear sight’s aperture. The spring loaded D-45 deploys fast and stows flat with the push of a button.

Samson Evolution 12″ Extended Rail

Equipped with Hand Stop, (2) 2″ Rails, and a QD mount, the Samson Evolution Series is lightweight and durable while maintaining maximum modularity. Accessory rails can be added and removed easily to adapt the hand guard to your needs. Units can also be mounted at 45 degree offsets.


In short, you WILL NOT find another upper like this on the market. This innovative new competition optic rifle upper will be launched Black Friday and will be available HERE.

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