Shooting 300 Blackout Suppressed and Unsuppressed

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Here is a great example of shooting 300 Blackout suppressed and unsuppressed using supersonic and subsonic ammo from Class 3 Ordnance. We posted another video from Class 3 Ordnance a little while ago where he shot a 7.5″ Adams Arms Tactical Elite Upper with and without a silencer (find article HERE). It is nice to hear other shooters’ thoughts and explanations while researching your AR 15 build. Check out the video transcription below.

“Hey guys we are out here today at our makeshift range, the weather has finally cleared up a little bit so we are going to try and get some trigger time in. A lot of people want to know, especially when it comes to 300 Blackout, what’s the difference between shooting supersonic and subsonic, suppressed and unsuppressed? So we thought we would do a quick demo for you. What we are going to do is, I removed the suppressor, this is the AAC 9” 300 Blackout, I removed the suppressor. We are going to run 3 rounds of supersonic ammo and then we are going to run 3 rounds of subsonic ammo. So the supersonic is first then the subsonic. Then we are going to put the suppressor on and run the same test.


3 rounds of supersonic followed by 3 rounds of subsonic.You should have been able to notice the distinct difference between the supersonic and subsonic. Now, we are going to put the suppressor on and run the same test again.

300 Blackout Suppressed


Alright, we are back we’ve installed the Thompson Machine Thirty, this is a 308 suppressor. We are going to run the first 3 rounds of supersonic followed by 3 rounds of subsonic. See if you can tell the difference.


Don’t know how well the camera picked that up but it is a HUGE difference. This rifle with this suppressor, shooting the subsonic ammunition, I would relate it to an article I read in a magazine “It sounds like it’s spitting whispers”. It is very quiet, very manageable recoil. In fact, since it is so nice outside, I think we are going to take the ear protection off and run a few more rounds of subsonics through it so stick around.


Ok guys we are back out here with the 300 Blackout Thompson Machine suppressor shooting subsonic rounds and just to give you an idea of how low the recoil is I’m going to let the little man here take a few shots with it. He weighs about 100 pounds and is about a few feet tall anyway and just notice how mild the recoil is on this Blackout.

300 Blackout Suppressed

Alright a few more rounds, 300 Blackout 220 grain subsonic Blackout, Thompson Machine Thirty. One more time, we shot off the rest of the subsonics now we have loaded up some 148 grain supersonics. This is just some cheap plinking ammo. So we are going to run the supersonics with the suppressor, let you take a listen and see what you think about it.


I don’t know how well the camera picks it up. Shooting supersonics with a suppressor, I don’t have any ringing of the ears. Long term, if I was going to come out here and run 200-300 rounds I would probably wear ear protection using the supersonics with the suppressor, but under this situation I think you can easily get away with it. We have another video where we shot supersonics with this suppressor in a garage and didn’t see any ill effects from it. Either way, the subsonics with the suppressor are super quiet. The supersonics are tolerable, I would probably compare them to a .556, maybe a little quieter. Hope you guys enjoyed the video; stick around for more.”

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