VooDoo Innovations NEW D.I. LifeCoat Integral Carriers

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The New VooDoo Innovations Integral Direct Impingement Low Mass Carrier was designed to improve the Performance and Durability of a direct impingement carrier. The new Integral Carrier has an improved gas flow path with no impediments or shelves for carbon to deposit and build on which removes the potential for gas obstruction to seize the operation of the rifle. The VDI Integral DI Carrier eliminates the potential for carrier key separation due to carrier key screws stripping, fracturing, or becoming un-staked. This carrier is finished with our proprietary LifeCoat coatings to increase Lubricity and Surface Hardness. The 20% reduction in carrier weight decreases the reciprocating mass reducing felt recoil and increasing the Tune-Ability of the rifle for any application. All of our carriers are Full-Auto Rated, they’re made in the USA and come with a Life-Time Warranty.


  • Integral design from our proprietary forging
  • Proprietary LifeCoat finish o Nickel Base / PVD Top Coat
  • Lower felt recoil and increase tune-ability
  • Maximized carrier key dimension to reduce gas tube contact wear



  • Weight: 7.3 oz (low mass) OR 8.8 oz (standard)
  • Coating: VDI LifeCoat
  • Carrier made from 8620 Steel
  • Full-Auto Rated
  • For use with standard AR-15 parts


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