Adams Arms AR-15 Piston Conversion Kit Review

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We find that it is often helpful for potential customers to hear what our current customers have to say about our products and their experience with installation etc. For that reason we like to post articles that are informative for customers. The article below was written by Travis Cummings from Spartan TC Gear and Firearms Reviews and is titled “Quick Thoughts on the Adams Arms Piston Conversion Kit and Installation“. Hear Travis’ thoughts on his experience installing our AR-15 piston conversion kit.


“So a week ago I installed the Adams Arms piston conversion kit on my AR-15 and I wanted to write down some thoughts on the installation and my experience with it.


First off the directions are very good, there have been plenty of times where I have received a kit and the instructions left me even more confused.This wasn’t the case with the Adams Arms conversion kit, the DVD that was included was very clear on what I needed to do to install the kit.




One of the biggest things that I had trouble with was installing the bushing into the upper, even after cleaning it and putting a decent amount of lubricant/grease it still took a big hammer and some hard hits to get it installed. The good thing about that is I will never have to worry about the bushing backing out over time.


One of the other things to really watch for is your gas block, you need to make sure that it is straight and in the middle, otherwise you will have trouble getting the piston out of the gas block. This will also cause issues with the system when firing it, and would more than likely cause malfunction and failure of the system.


The one thing that I really liked about the Adams Arms gas block was the fact that it uses hex head bolts to tighten it down on the barrel. With the sheer amount of force bouncing it around it needs a great mounting system and they provided it.

Two of the weirdest things to me when doing the conversion were the bushing and then the removal of the gas rings and installation of the spring on the bolt. While it’s easy to understand why there is no need for the gas rings once a piston system is installed, it is just odd to pull the rings off and install a spring on the tail end of the bolt.


Instead of using the supplied hand guards I opted to use the Magpul MOE set, and it matches up perfectly with the piston system. I am sure at some point I will change over to a free float rail system but for now the MOE set will do the job.


Overall the installation was rather easy, and took no longer than 30 minutes to complete. I am looking forward to running the piston system as hard as I can and seeing just how well it will do. I will continue to post periodic updates so make sure to subscribe to the blog to receive them.”


>Hopefully you found it helpful to hear what Travis had to say about out AR-15 piston conversion kit. For a more in depth installation tutorial click here.

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