Review | Adams Arms 7.5″ PDW Tactical Elite Upper

Shooting Team Member Kurt Gruber Reviews the Adams Arms C.O.R. Rifle and its Application in Competitive Shooting

5 mins From the bays of Rio Salado to the meadows of the Peacemaker National Training Center, and in a thousand spots in between, men and women can be found coming together weekly to test their skill; not with one gun, but with three. 3 Gun has become the fastest growing of the shooting sports in recent years. […]

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Adams Arms PDW | 7.5 Tactical Elite Upper

2 mins 1964compton (YouTube screen name) shows off his custom Adams Arms PDW build on YouTube in the following video. He showcases his specific short barreled rifle, built with the Adams Arms 7.5″ Tactical Elite Upper. Also discussed in this video is, one of the most talked about concerns of a piston system, carrier tilt. Check out the video transcription below. […]

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Adams Arms Tactical Evo Rifle Ratings

8 mins I think we have started a reputation for ourselves where we truly want our rifles to be torture tested during reviews. We love to hear what people have to say good or bad, so that we can improve and make the best products on the market. The following review written by Nick Leghorn from The Truth About Guns reviews the Adams Arms Tactical Evo Rifle. Check out his thoughts and his final ratings below […]

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AR 15 Cleaning | Adams Arms Piston System

3 mins One of the benefits of using a gas piston system is that it is easy to maintain because it runs cooler and cleaner which in turn makes it a more reliable system. We can preach to you all day about how our system is more superior than others, but instead here is a quick video from OIFEagle who takes his Adams rifle to the range and shoots 250 rounds through it then takes it a part to show you how clean the system is. […]

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AR 15 Rifle | The C.O.R.

7 mins The Adams Arms Competition Optics Ready rifle is an AR 15 rifle that comes compeititon ready straight out of the box. We recently sent one of our C.O.R.s to James Yeager with Tactical Response and told him the only condition we had was for him to break it! In this video, transcribed below, James reviews the C.O.R. and the different features it has. Check it out! […]

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