Adams Arms AR 15 Piston Upper Review

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You can find a piston upper from most companies that manufacture and sell gun parts, but you will quickly learn that the Adams Arms AR 15 piston upper is superior to any other of its kind that you will find on the market. Before you assume that this is a promotional sales pitch, keep in mind that this is written based off actual reactions from veteran gun users. Needless to say, these gun users were very satisfied with what they experienced with the Adams Arms piston upper. But let us elaborate for you to give you a better idea exactly what makes Adams Arms piston uppers THE piston upper to have.



We already know that most shooters are right handed, so naturally, left handed shooters have always had a bit more trouble when trying to find gun parts and accessories to fit their left handed shooting style. When dealing with piston uppers specifically, left handed shooters have usually had to accept the reality that the gas will be shooting directly across their faces. It actually feels as if the gas is shooting directly into your face, and sometimes it does, which obviously presents a risk to the shooter.


Adams Arms has essentially eliminated this problem with their tuned piston uppers. These tuned piston uppers basically redirect the gas that comes out of an AR 15 when shooting it, and directs the gas AWAY from the shooter as opposed to shooting it directly across the shooter’s face. This is an unbelievably welcome modification for left handed shooters and allows them to shoot with the peace of mind that they are not taking a risk every time they shoot.


On top of this, Adams Arms uppers are easily above and beyond the normal standard in the industry when it comes to quality and efficiency. Adams Arms uppers are accurately paired with lowers and fit snugly, providing a solid, confident feel while shooting the weapon. Shooters feel much more comfortable that their gun will perform up to expectations, and have confidence that it will not suddenly break down and hang the shooter out to dry during competitions or at the range.


Probably the most notable feature of the Adams Arms AR 15 upper is the lessened degree of recoil it delivers. Once you have installed an Adams Arms piston upper on your AR 15, you will notice a considerably smaller recoil. Some shooters have even gone so far to say that they barely feel recoil at all. Along with this, the piston upper also is much easier to clean than conventional systems as well as similar systems you may be looking at. According to shooters who have used the Adams Arms piston upper, it is not even close. To be more specific, shooters normally do not have to worry about cleaning until at least 6,000 rounds have been run through the gun. When it comes to shooters who shoot often, most notably competitive shooters, this is a welcome relief. Also, since the gas is not fed back into the barrel, cleaning doesn’t even require a cleaner. Simply wipe the barrel with a damp cloth and that should be more than enough.



The Adams Arms AR 15 piston upper is clearly a step above all of its competitors for a number of reasons. It eliminates the problem of gas flying directly into the shooter’s face, it considerably lessens the degree of recoil, it provides a solid, confident feel, and it only needs to be cleaned every 6,000 rounds. Not to mention the fact that it is one of the easiest systems to clean on the market. If you are a competitive shooter, or just a recreational shooter who shoots a lot, it is definitely worth taking a look at this game changing upper.


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