Adams Arms Piston Technology Now Affordable to Everyone

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Exciting things are coming from Adams Arms and we couldn’t wait to share! We will now be offering lower prices on our piston rifles, uppers, and conversion kits. Better yet, these are industry leading prices of savings of over 20%! This is a game changer in the firearms industry since piston driven technology is more expensive than traditional rifle systems…until now that is.
While piston systems can cost on average $1,200-$1,600, we have gotten our base rifle under $1,000 with an MSRP of just $995. With lower costs, we can offer the highest quality products on the market at prices that are competitive to lower quality, and previously lower priced, rifle systems. Our goal at Adams Arms is to deliver consumers affordable products without compromising quality and we couldn’t be more proud to pass on the savings.


So by now you are probably wondering how on Earth Adams Arms is able to offer these amazing prices while no one else in the industry can? Well we have been busy in the last few years improving our manufacturing processes and hiring key industry leaders that have helped us grow as a company. The combination of new manufacturing technology and knowledgeable staff has allowed us to bring 75% of production in house. Bringing production in house and increasing productivity has in turn allowed us to save on manufacturing costs and lower our product prices for customers.
In the last year we have increased our distribution channels and really streamlined production. Some of the products that have rolled off our assembly line this year include:



If that’s not enough, don’t worry more exciting products are in the works with upcoming projects including:


  • .308 Rifles
  •  Pistols
  • .22 Rifles
  • Shotguns
  • Custom Slides
  • Projectiles
  • Accessories
As we take this next step as a company we look forward to continuing growth, and providing you with the   highest quality AR-15 rifles and parts at industry leading prices. Don’t have a piston driven rifle yet? Price is no longer your excuse, check out our selection of products and get building! Visit us at
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