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1964compton (YouTube screen name) shows off his custom Adams Arms PDW build on YouTube in the following video. He showcases his specific short barreled rifle, built with the Adams Arms 7.5″ Tactical Elite Upper. Also discussed in this video is, one of the most talked about concerns of a piston system, carrier tilt. Check out the video transcription below.


This is a video transcription. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the position of Adams Arms.


“Alright, here is my first review of my newest build. It isn’t my first build, but it is my newest build. It’s a 7.5” short barrel and it is registered and legal. I did all the tax stamp and all that stuff, so it is completely legal and it is unloaded and safe right now.


I am going to start with the lower. I started with a Tactical Innovations T15 BDX Billet Deluxe Lower. It is a complete billet lower and it is actually one of the nicest lowers I have seen. I put a Spike’s Tactical Mil-Spec Buffer Tube and a Noveske Quick Disconnect End Plate. It has KNS Anti-Rotation Pins, ambidextrous safety, a Magpul CTR stock, I run Magpul P mags in all my ARs, and It’s got a Magpul Miad Grip. It has Magpul Pop ups front and rear, and the upper is an Adams Arms 7.4 Tactical Elite Upper. It’s a piston upper so with just a turn the piston comes out in two pieces. Easy to clean! I have Troy Industries’ Rail Cover, a Troy Industries Vertical Grip, and now I will show you some of the insides of it. Oh and I run a VTAC Padded Sling as I do on all my rifles.
Let me go inside and show you what all is in there. Alright, inside I have put a complete LWRCI Lower Parts Kit. It has got the Spikes Tactical ST2 Tungston Buffer. Of course it has all the Adams Arms upper: bolt, bolt carrier. The bolt carrier actually has skis on the bottom of it to help with carrier tilt. I have about 300 rounds through this AR so far and not even a scuff on the buffer tube or any of the threads so it works.
Like I said it is completely done except I am going to put a Trijicon RX30 with throw arms on it and other than that it is done. Like I said I have about 300 rounds through it and it has run flawlessly. That’s about all let me know what you think.”
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