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One of the benefits of using a gas piston system is that it is easy to maintain because it runs cooler and cleaner which in turn makes it a more reliable system. We can preach to you all day about how our system is more superior than others, but instead here is a quick video from OIFEagle who takes his Adams rifle to the range and shoots 250 rounds through it then takes it a part to show you how clean the system is. Below is the video transcription. Check out the simplicity a piston system can bring to AR 15 cleaning.


“It was a beautiful day today so I decided to take my Adams Arms gas piston rifle to the range.


>For awhile now I’ve been talking about the Adams Arms gas piston system and you know what, today was a beautiful day so I decided to take it to the range. So I scrounged up around 250 rounds of ammunition and you know what? I think the ammo shortage has really taken its toll, because the range was practically deserted, there were only two other people there today I practically had it to myself. Check it out.


Here I am at beautiful McKellar’s Range at Fort Bragg, NC and it is mysteriously quite today; too quiet. Almost as if no one wants to waste any ammunition today.

So there you go 250 rounds, not a single problem. Ran flawlessly, now by flawless I mean not even a single misfeed. Again, it runs very clean. I haven’t cleaned this yet so let’s take a look at how dirty this thing got. Check that out. There is a little bit of carbon on there as you can see so it will take a little bit of cleaning but you know what for 250 rounds that is pretty good. In fact all the fouling is up here on the gas piston system itself and that is not very bad at all. That will clean right up. As far as being reliable; not a single problem. In fact, let me go ahead and show you the bolt I went ahead and took this a part.


Here is the bolt carrier and here is the bolt itself. Now I haven’t even cleaned this yet. I wiped it down a little bit to keep the crud off but that’s all I needed to do right there. Most of the fouling is up here in the gas piston system itself. It is practically self cleaning, but check that out. Now that is going to be easy to clean. Again, there is a little bit of crud right there on the firing pin, but that will clean right off. So really easy to clean, but the point is that it runs clean so it is a lot more reliable. There you have it, the Adams Arms gas piston system. Thanks a lot.”


Save yourself the time and energy of maintaining your current system, and install an Adams Arms gas piston conversion kit today. The areas that will see the most fouling is the front of the gas block and back of the plug and drive rod sleeve. To clean our system all you need to do is wipe off the parts with a dry, clean towel. Since the system is self cleaning, there is very little time needed to clean the parts, and a lot less carbon buildup than a direct impingement system. AR 15 cleaning has never been easier. See more Adams Arms product reviews here.

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