Direct Impingement Low Mass Bolt Carrier from VooDoo Innovations

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We are always proud to announce the newest products that come from our sister company VooDoo Innovations. VooDoo is a leader in the industry for providing parts and accessories for the AR 15 platform. Their newest breakthrough innovation is the VDI LifeCoat Low Mass Bolt Carrier. The low mass carrier is 20 percent lighter than the standard direct impingement bolt carrier and offers great performance, while helping to decrease the all around weight of the rifle. Let’s face it, wouldn’t we all like as light of a rifle as possible? The new carrier is also one of the first low mass carriers available on the market for direct impingement AR 15 systems.

The LifeCoat Low Mass Bolt Carrier is joining the ranks of other great products to come from VooDoo Innovations such as the 5.45 Conversion Kit, VDI Jet Comp, VDI LifeCoat Lower Parts Kit, and Melonited barrels. The carrier provides many benefits to shooters including endless tune-ability, LifeCoat components, and reduced recoil.



To suit the needs of every shooter, VDI’s new low mass carrier allows the shooter endless tune-ability. Whether you are shooting heavy or light ammo, the carrier can be adjusted accordingly so you get the best performance possible.


LifeCoat Components


LifeCoating is an application that uses the most advanced coating process and materials available. Essentially it is one or multiple coatings that enables us to offer a Life Time Warranty. LifeCoat provides superior lubricity, corrosion-resistance, Carbon resistance, and durability for better parts with a longer lasting life.


Reduced Recoil


One of the best features of VDI’s low mass carrier is the reduced recoil. As we all no having reduced recoil allows shooters to have better target acquisition and follow up shots. This carrier is great for competitive shooters that rely on good target acquisition during competitions, as well as serious shooters, or shooters just looking for less recoil.


I think we have done enough boasting about this amazing AR 15 Direct Impingement Carrier, now it is time for you to try it yourself! VDI direct impingement bolt carriers are full auto rated and compatible with mil-spec and non mil-spec upper receivers. Order your own Low Mass Carrier HERE.

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