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At Adams Arms we truly believe that we have a high quality, superior product, and we are proud of what we do. When someone is unhappy with a product, we want to dig into the issue and find a solution. So for this article, we thought it would be nice to hear about a real scenario. One of our customers Clyde Harper was having constant failure to feed issues in his Adams Arms upper and showed his frustration in a YouTube video “Adams Arms Piston AR-15 Constant Failure”. His thoughts from his first video are as follows.



Upper Failure


“I bought this Adams Arms piston upper receiver in November 2012. It has never successfully fired an entire 30 round magazine. I have tried different lowers, magazines, buffers and ammo. This complete upper has been back to the factory 4 times now and nothing has changed. This video was made after the second trip back to the Adams Arms factory.


The ammo I fired:


Magtech 55gr. FMJ Brass Case .223 Rem
PMC Bronze 55gr. FMJ Brass Case .223 Rem


The lowers used:


Tactical Innovations



Magazines used:


2 x Magpul Gen1 Pmag 30rd
Magpul Gen 2 Pmag 30rd”

The problem was when Clyde would send his upper back to us, it fired without any problem, but once returned would still not feed properly for him. We understand his frustration and stood behind our values as a company. Clyde was given a complete replacement upper and recently made a second video to test his new upper. The video transcription is as follows.





“So this is Harper, I got a new upper back from Adams Arms after my old upper failed to work multiple times, they didn’t replace it, but finally replaced the entire upper. We are going to see how it works with my lower. Finally see if it works. My other upper couldn’t function all the way through a 30 round magazine. Not once. So we will see how this one does, it should work ok. This is PMC Bronze brass case 55 grain .223 Remington and I have this on my DPMS lower. Here we go 30 rounds.

Problems are going to happen from time to time similar to this failure to feed issue, but it is important to us to work with customers and provide a solution to their problem. We will continue to develop high quality products that improve performance and minimize maintenance. All of our products are made in the USA and come with a Life-Time Warranty. Thank you to all of our loyal customers, we will continue to deliver you the best service possible.

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