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Adams Arms loves to hear what other people have to say about our Gas Piston System so we wanted to share a video testimonial transcription from Chris who has been in the army for over 26 years. Check out his review below.

“Hello, my name is Chris and I would like to give a quick review of the Adams Arms Gas Piston System. Now I have owned this rifle for a little over a year now, and I am very pleased with that decison. The one thing that appealed to me the most about this was that it has a gas piston system. I’ve been in the army for over 26 years so I am pretty familiar with how the gas system works on most rifles, and with them you have a gas tube when you fire a round of course the hot gasses travel up, go back down the tube, back into the bolt carrier which cycles the rifle and in doing so a lot of those hot gases cause a lot of fouling around the bolt which in turn causes it to be less reliable becuase it is dirtier and you’ll have misfeeds that won’t cycle properly.



In addition to that, the gas tube itself is prone to damage which can lead to gas leaks and again a big lack of reliablitiy. Now the Adams Arms Gas Piston System you can see is a lot stronger, a lot more robust and the gas piston itself is a lot more durable than your regular gas tube. So instead of a flimsy tube you have a stronger gas piston and it runs a lot cleaner becuase everything happens up towards the front so your bolt is a lot cleaner you have a stronger rod up here and that leads to a more reliable rifle and that’s very important.


Now, the big question in any testimonial is would I buy this rifle again? The answer is a confident, YES. So confident that in fact for my next build I am already planning on buying an Adams Arms gas system for that rifle as well. So go head check out their website, check out their gas piston system and I am sure that you just like me will not be dissappointed!”

If you are interested in you own Adams Arms Gas Piston System click here.

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