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If you compete in 3 gun or just want an incredibly fast trigger, the Hiperfire trigger may be for you. The Hiperfire Hipertouch trigger, that comes standard on the Adams Arms Competition Optics Ready Rifle, is creating quite the buzz in the industry. The video posted by WeLikeShootingVideoson YouTube gives a great review of both the Hiperfire 24E and 24C. The video starts with a humorous Star Wars parody before going into a detailed review of the Hiperfire 24E and 24C. The video is transcribed below.


“Look, if your experience with triggers is this, then you won’t really care what i’m talking about. But if this is what you’re looking for then you are in the right place! So what do you look for in a trigger? I look for little to no pre-travel or creep, a crisp break when the hammer falls, a distinct and equally crisp reset and a light to mid weight trigger pull. Reliability and warranty are important factors as well. You may ask, why do I need to upgrade my trigger? who cares? I have had the opportunity to use many different triggers in the last year and I assure you, once you use an after market fire control group you will never want to use a stock trigger again.


Enough background, let’s talk about the Hiperfire Hipertouch series of fire control groups. Hiperfire launched their products earlier this year and is one of many in a crowded marketplace of after market AR parts. Their fire control groups claim higher hammer fall energy and a low and adjustable trigger pull weight. They have a great series of videos on their site that explains their engineering decisions and I suggest you go check them out.



Before this video I had installed stock AR triggers and the process is simple. It is just as simple to replace your current trigger with the Hipertouch system. Simply take out two pins, remove your current trigger system, then follow the instructions to install the Hipertouch. Drop the group in from the top of the lower receiver. Place the hammer spring on the hammer with the toggle spindle and insert as normal. From there install the toggle springs with the weight you are interested in. Place the springs on the pins, place them on the toggle spindle and compress them with a punch while rotating down. To change weights just repeat the last step.


Now that we’ve got it installed I was able to test the 24E and the 24C. The 24E is a traditional curved trigger and has the slightest hint of pre-travel with a smooth hammer release and a very crisp reset. I have installed it in my long range rifle and it has been flawless. The 24C is a different animal all together. A straight, vertical trigger with an optional and adjustable red shoe. By moving the shoe up and down you can even dial in the trigger pull weight more. I used the light springs then moved the shoe towards the bottom of the trigger for a light and safe trigger pull. At first I thought the shoe would be awkward but it turns out that I love it. It helps me find the exact same place on my trigger every single time and forces an extremely consistent finger placement. This is a competition trigger!


Both have three sets of springs that are easily switched out for the trigger pull weight that you want. There is no perceptible pre-travel on the triggers at all. Apply rearward pressure and the hammer falls. Both the 24E and the 24C feel very similar. The trigger weight is adjustable, replace the springs based on the weight that you want. I have gone back and fourth and went with yellow and a medium light trigger pull for my 3 gun rifle and grey on my long range rifle which provides a light weight pull. by moving the shoe to the bottom of the trigger I lighten it up even a little bit more. Both triggers provide a very crisp break that is exactly what you would want. The reset on both triggers is a positive and clean reset, audible and tactile and it doesn’t get lost even during rapid fire sequences.


If you look at the competitors there are a couple of big players. They range from $210-$300. The Hiperfire Hipertouch 24E and 24C run $215 and $235 respectively. These are elite triggers and you will pay for the privilege. If you compete, these are fantastic triggers. Additionally their are well produced videos and instructions on their website that make installing and modifying their triggers a breeze. Add on that they are made in the USA by Americans with a limited life time warranty and you’ve got yourself a deal.


So when we are talking about the Hiperfire triggers you are really getting some good bang for your buck no pun intended. Honestly, these triggers are the triggers that i’m going to shoot from now on. I’ve shot other fancy triggers, other expensive triggers from other companies and I do honestly have to say that these are my favorite. Maybe because it is an upstart company but when you can go with an upstart company that’s coming in and trying to change the industry with some new engineering ideas i’ll give them my money for sure. It doesn’t work any less then any other high dollar trigger and being able to switch those springs out to change the trigger pull and with this competition shoe here, being able to adjust that on the fly my trigger pull is another great thing. I’m just really happy with the Hiperfire and I have zero complaints about it. So my recommendation for the Hiperfire so far after a few thousand rounds through them is buy!”


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