Adams Arms Sponsorship Spotlight: Texas A&M Corps of Cadets Marksmanship Unit (CCMU) cadet takes Most Accurate Shooter

Shooting Team Member Kurt Gruber Reviews the Adams Arms C.O.R. Rifle and its Application in Competitive Shooting

5 mins From the bays of Rio Salado to the meadows of the Peacemaker National Training Center, and in a thousand spots in between, men and women can be found coming together weekly to test their skill; not with one gun, but with three. 3 Gun has become the fastest growing of the shooting sports in recent years. […]

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3 Gun Competition Targets

2 mins A three gun match is structured by several stages that are all unique. Stages vary by competition but typically include run-n-gun scenarios that are based on shooting problems that involve strategy and require the use of one or more guns. These stages are scored based on speed and accuracy of the shooter minus penalties. Different types of targets are used for different stages […]

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Competition Optics Ready Equipment | Adams Arms’ C.O.R. Rifle

5 mins Posted by Mike Shropshire from Guns & Tactics, this article entitled “Adams Arms C.O.R. Rifle” is a great read. Below is the article that goes over the different features of the C.O.R. and the benefits it can bring to a shooter. If you are looking for some competition optics ready equipment the C.O.R. could be the rifle for you. Hear what Mike has to say: […]

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3 Gun Competition | Adams Arms Sponsors Task Force Dagger 2014 3 Gun Championship

3 mins We are proud to announce that Adams Arms is this year’s match sponsor for the third annual Task Force Dagger 3 gun Championship. Referred to by many in the industry as their favorite 3 Gun competition of the year, the match is back for 2014. This year, it will be held on March 28th-30th in Blakely, Georgia at the Legion Operator Training Group. The facility houses many unique shooting complexes used for law enforcement and military training. […]

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