The Best 3 Gun AR 15 Is The Competition Optics Ready (COR) Rifle, Here Is Why

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One of our newest products at Adams Arms that has caught the attention of many is the Competition Optics Ready (COR) Rifle. This 3 gun AR 15 is the ultimate competition rifle. Hear what our friends at The Truth About Guns have to say about our COR and XLP low profile system in the article below.


“Adams Arms is a relatively new player in the AR-15 market, but they’re already making waves. Their guns use a piston system that’s dead simple to use, and they come set up pretty much the way you’d want them kitted out. Now they’re adding a new competition rifle to their lineup with the COR…


The rifle comes standard with Diamondback’s new flip-up offeset sight, a Hiperfire trigger (which is pretty sweet), and Magpul furniture. Not to mention the lightened bolt carrier and operating parts for a quicker cycling action and softer recoil. Also coming from Adams is a more finely tuneable gas system. Instead of the “on/suppressed/off” trio of settings currently offered the new gas system has about eight settings to allow you to tune it to exactly match your ammo and your gun’s condition.


The only issue is that the new gas system is completely covered by the handguards. Anticipating this, they’re also coming out with a set of handguards that use the standard barrel nut and are easily removed with the throw of a lever.”


Our already impressive lineup has added four new products most recently. Our 3 gun AR 15 COR which is the ultimate rifle for competition shooters. Then we have the 300 BLK that has been a long awaited caliber addition to our system with more to come. Next, is the XLP (Gen 2) block that expands our current system capabilities by fitting under most rails on the market today and providing maximum tune-ability with 8 settings. Finally, VooDoo Innovations’ (VDI) new “un-named” rail that is sturdy, tool-less and looks incredible. The rail will remain nameess untill a lucky fan gets the opportunity to not only name the rail but the winner will also receive one of the first ones produced!


Check out the Competition Optics Ready Rifle here.

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