New AR 15 Rail Introduced by VooDoo Innovations

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Introduced recently at SHOT Show 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada, VooDoo Innovations (VDI) has introduced an evolutionary new AR 15 rail. The first of its kind, the ultra sturdy rail is not like anything else on the market today. Among many of the rail’s unique features, a key attribute that makes it different from your average rail is the quick release system. This system makes removal of the rail from the barrel and then reinstallment fast and easy for the modern day shooter. Let’s take a closer look at the features that this VDI rail has to offer and why it is sure to make a big impact in the firearms industry.


Quick Release System

The key feature to the new rail is the quick release system. This feature includes a locking removal lever that allows fast and easy removal of the handguard from the barrel. Using the locking removal lever, the shooter can then remove the rail and have the ability to make any adjustments to the barrel that they want. After adjustments are made, the system enables them to quickly put the rail back on the barrel and lock it back in place.

Self Aligning & Requires No Tools

Once adjustments have been made and the barrel is back on, the new rail is self aligning and will simply lock back into place and return the rail to the exact position it was in. If all this isn’t impressive enough, the whole process is done without the need for any tools. You can imagine how much time this system will save without the necessity of having the right tools and the process of using the tools to remove and reinstall the rail.


Maintains MOA Accuracy

Since the rail is self aligning any optics that you have are going to go back to their original alignment, maintaining MOA accuracy. As you have probably already considered, this is an incredible feature for any shooter. The ability to take off your rifle’s rail, make the adjustments you want, and then replace without having to worry about whether or not your optics are aligned in the same place is invaluable.


As you can see, this new rail system has proved to be one of a kind. The quick release system will revolutionize how rails are taken on and off with out the need for tools making it both fast and easy. On top of that, shooters will no longer have to worry about readjusting their optics after putting the rail back on since VDI’s new rail is self aligning.


As a side note, if you have not noticed throughout our blog we have referred to this AR 15 rail as simply VDI’s “new rail”, this is because currently it has no name. VDI plans to launch a social media contest that gives the fans the power of naming the new product. Yep, the rail will remain nameless untill you choose! The winner of the contest not only get’s the bragging rights of naming the awesome rail, but they will also receive one of the first versions. Details on the contest haven’t been released yet but will be announced through Facebook.


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