Trigger Time with the Adams Arms C.O.R.

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For part 5 of James Yeager’s Youtube Videos about Adams Arms, he took his friend out for a little trigger time with his Adams Arms C.O.R. Hear what his friend’s initial thoughts were on shooting the rifle for the first time. The video is transcribed below.


“Hey everyone, James Yeager with Tactical Response. Today I have with me Kentucky Lick Prepper. We went out and shot the Adams Arms rifle, we didn’t shoot it a bunch because we didn’t have a lot of time. But if you remember I have this nice Acog from Trijicon on there and this comes with the Diamondhead sights and all that stuff. It is a real neat rifle, and we went out and just wanted to blast it. So here is what that looks like.

Alright Chester, you didn’t know anything about this rifle, and you have never used that scope either, or a scope like that so when you pressed the trigger what was your take?


– I wasn’t ready for it, you said it was low recoil but my god it really is. That is really really really low recoil. The scope also I have never looked through a Trijicon before. I kind of hate going to the range with him because when I leave I feel really bad about myself and all my cheap stuff. But this rifle is amazing and the optics also. I was able to shoot much more accurately obviously common sense would dictate that because of less felt recoil, but it is just a great rifle. I also like the green retical it is easy to see. They have a fine rifle there.-

We are going to do some more stuff on the official side I am going to take this rifle and scope combination out to Urban Ranch and I’m going to do the Urban Precision Rifle. It’s a blend between their urban carbine and precision rifle class and I thought this would fit the bill perfectly. Corbon is sending me some ammo to shoot through it because they are lead free range so i’m going to be shooting dpx. You know why? Because I’m a baller that’s why!


That’s it is there anything else? -No I want one!- Well there is one thing; we have to danger this B up because people are already complaining. People started watching it and when the gun wasn’t loaded people started posting “ahh the guns not loaded.”


This is James Yeager for Tactical Response reminding you that your responsibility to be ready for the fight never ends.”


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