VooDoo Innovations 7.5″ 5.56 Barrel

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Delivery day is always an exciting one where you can rip open your new AR 15 part. Bass Fishing Frenzy posted on YouTube his own unboxing video of his new VooDoo Innovations 7.5″ 5.56 Barrel. Check out the video and transcription above.


“Hey guys, today I have an unboxing video. This is a 7.5” barrel from VooDoo Innovations. I have heard quite a few good things about the company so I decided to try out their company and their barrels for my pistol build. So that’s what I have in this box here. I am not a big fan of unboxing video just because they are kind of boring, but at the same time they are exciting to see how the company packages and ships stuff.



So yea, I already have the tape open I think, they have taped this up pretty good. I am not sure which direction I am supposed to be opening this but I guess this will work. Hold on I have more tape. This looks to be the correct way. I’m just ripping the box open now I don’t know how its supposed to be opened. So here we go.


Sweet, comes in a nice little tubular thing there, an awesome decal. I really like that, that’s cool; VooDoo Innovations decal. That is either going to go on my safe or somewhere else I don’t know, That one is kind of cool I don’t think I am going to put it on my safe I think I’ll save it for somehting special. That’s it. Oh wait maybe I got another decal. Yep another decal, Adams Arms the website I ordered the barrel from. Awesome sticker, I will be saving that one also.

Cool nice packaging, looks very solid, not like a barrel is going to get damaged in shipping but I mean, you know. Shake this guy out wrapped up in bubble wrap. Now this barrel is Melonite coated, a little different than the standard Phospher type finish. Lighting on black is hard to see no matter what, but It looks a little bit smoother not as rough as Phosper coating there can be some lighter or darker spots but this looks really even. There is a little bit of grease on it right now that can show different colors if you look at it the right way. Of course it is a heavy bull barrel. It is I think a .75 diameter so it will fit basically any gas block. We have M4 feed ramps on the barrel and I also havae M4 feed ramps on my upper receiver so that will go hand in hand. Then of course VooDoo Barrels 5.56 1:7 twist.


Now when it comes to twist rates with a barrel this short chambered for a .223 or 5.56 it doesn’t really matter too much once you get below 11″ or so, 10-11″. So you really don’t have to be that picky on your twist rates. Once you get above 10-11″ barrel length that’s when it starts to take a much larger affect on the trajectory of the bullet. Keep that in mind. Say you’re looking for a particular barrel say you’re looking for 1:7 twist barrel but the company also makes a 1:8 or 1:9 or whatever, don’t be afraid to get that barrel if it’s the only one they have. It won’t make a difference with something this short.

VooDoo Innovations 5.56 barrel

Really I can’t say much right now because I haven’t even put it on a rifle and shot with it yet of course. The looks of it, it looks nice. Their logo is a gold finish which really looks cool; you won’t be able to see that of course but at least you can look at it while you have it off your rifle. Just thought you guys would like to see that. This barrel is fairly inexpensive. I think I paid $195 for it. Compared to a Noveske barrel that you may be paying $300-$400 for this is definitely a lot cheaper and from what I have heard its just as good as your higher end barrels. We will see, we’ll test it out once I finally get my pistol built and put together. Stay tuned for this barrel. Installation of the gas tube, gas block, handguard stuff like that. Those will be coming up over the next few weeks. Thanks for watching.

I thought I would show you guys real fast the barrel actually on the rifle. with the picto gas tube and gas block just to give you something to gauge the size off of. It is a nice thick barrel it is basically thicker than an M4 profile barrel on a normal rifle so it is a nice thick barrel and it is going to be really and solid. Hopefully the build will go well. I just have it all thrown on right now I don’t have the pin or gas tube, just lightly screwed on the barrel nut to show you guys what it looks like. Stay tunded for the actual installation of the barrel. Catch ya later.”


Whether you are thinking about building your own short barreled rifle like this 5.56 barrel build, or any other AR build, consider a VooDoo Innovations barrel. All barrels are Melonite treated which produces an extrememly hard, slick surface that increases lubricity, reduced carbon adhesion, and increases corrosion resistance. Interested in more VooDoo Innovation’s products? Check out this article on the new DI Low mass bolt carrier HERE.

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