Watch AR 15 Beta Mag Used With an Adams Arms Piston Kit

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The following is a video transcription of Robert from Talan Arms shooting his 11.5″ Saber Defense, using an AR 15 Beta Mag, with the Adams Arms Piston Kit installed. Check out what he thinks of the system’s performance.

“Alright this is Robert from Talan Arms, I’ve got my 11.5” Saber Defense with the Adams Arms Piston Kit. I’m going full auto with a Beta Mag. This is take one.


I guess I won’t need take 2. Perfect operation, that is with zero lubrication on the bolt carrier group and the bolt. I just thoroughly cleaned the system, loaded up the beta mag and of course used the little Graphite in the beta Mag. Xm193 ammunition, pistons wide open and just let it go. It has been fantastic! I mean I cannot say enough good things about these Adams’ Piston Kits. They just make the gun run just perfectly reliable. The best thing about it is when I go to clean this thing later, it’s not going to have near the carbon fouling inside the bolt carrier area that I would have in something else.


Actually let me pull this thing open, after 100 rounds this is cool enough to touch. There is a little carbon in there but hell that was a 100 round dump in what was that 10-15 seconds? It is pretty impressive I’ve got to say, overall these Adams Piston Kits have been everything that they’ve been advertised to be otherwise, bottom line I would not be selling them. Keep posting to my videos and I’m going to keep posting new stuff up there to YouTube as I get available.”


This was a great example of using our piston kit and with an AR 15 Beta Mag. If you are interested in the Adams Arms Gas Piston System Click Here to check out a kit for your firearm.

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