XLP Low Profile Gas Block

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The Adams Arms XLP low profile gas block is a revolutionary block that will fit under most major manufacturer rails. It offers high performance and reliability with a simple design. The gas block also offers increased adjustability and customization options.


Piston System


A gas piston system is designed to replace the standard direct impingement gas system. The piston system allows the firearm to run cooler and smoother with less malfunctions making it more reliable. This is possible because the carbon and gases are expelled forward which keeps the hot burning gases from entering and fouling up the receiver. Less fouling equates to less wear on the bolt, carrier, and receiver interior which means fewer malfunctions caused by worn down, dirty parts. Among other advantages, the piston system eliminates flash signature, and supersonic crack because it doesn’t vent directly to atmospheric pressure. The system also reduces felt recoil for better control and target acquisition. A great option for military, law enforcement, or the modern day shooter who is looking to upgrade their rifle without having to change firearms.




Benefits of the XLP


No Custom Rail Needed


A huge complaint that shooters had when building their own piston driven AR 15 was that system didn’t fit under their handguard/ rail. A huge benefit to the XLP is that it fits under most manufacturer rails. This means there is no need to replace your current rail or spend the money on a custom rail!


5 Adjustable Gas Settings


With 5 adjustable gas settings available, the XLP expands current system capabilities and allows for multiple adjustments for tune-ability. This allows for infinite adjustment to gas pressure to suit the type of ammo and barrel length you are using. Simply rotate the gas plug either clockwise or counter clockwise.


LifeCoat Components


Constructed with LifeCoat components means that our parts go through a corrosive resistant coating process that is the most technologically advanced process on the market today. The LifeCoat treatment provides durability, lubricity and a corrosive resistance coating for more reliable parts.


30% Lighter

The lighter the rifle the better, right? Well our XLP is 20% lighter than other standard pinned blocks and 30% lighter than standard kit blocks. This contributes to the overall weight of your rifle, so a lighter gas block will help reduce the weight of the rifle.


Easy Maintenance


Although the XLP gas block requires little to no maintenance (self cleaning) it is easy to take a part and clean. Simply turn the dial all the way up, push in the button and the block comes apart.


Easy To Install


If you are installing the gas block on your own firearm, the conversion kit is designed for an easy installation process. On average customers are able to install the system in approximately 20-30 minutes. Also there is no need to pin the gas block due to our easy to install design that uses screws which are very adequate in holding the gas block in place. This design allows the average user to install the block without having to permanently modify their firearm. All kits come with an installation DVD to guide users through install


This XLP low profile gas block is available on Adams Arms’ complete uppers, rifles, and conversion kits. The conversion kit comes in all kit lengths including Pistol, Carbine, Mid and Rifle and comes complete with:


  • XLP multi-adjustable low profile gas block
  • Patented one piece bolt carrier
  • Gas plug
  • Upper receiver bushing
  • Bushing installation rod
  • Drive rod with bushing and spring
  • Bolt spring
  • Installation DVD


All of our systems come with a lifetime warranty and are made here in the U.S.A. See all of our XLP products here.

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