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The Adams Arms Competition Optics Ready rifle is an AR 15 rifle that comes compeititon ready straight out of the box. We recently sent one of our C.O.R.s to James Yeager with Tactical Response and told him the only condition we had was for him to break it! In this video, transcribed below, James reviews the C.O.R. and the different features it has. Check it out!


“Hey everybody James Yeager with Tactical Response.


Today, I have an Adams Arms C.O.R. Competition Optics Ready Rifle. They sent me one of these and literally this is what they said “James we are going to send you one of these under the condition that you break it” and so your wish is my command my new friends at Adams Arms. So what is the deal with this rifle? Well this is the one I shot at SHOT Show, if you remember I fired one shot out of it and then turned to Reid and said hey man you got to shoot this thing! The recoil was super light. The term that the guys at Adams were using was balanced and blueprinted, like hot rod engines. You heard me on the video 18435672 the small block Chevy firing order, because I am kinda into hot rods too. So I understood because my history with tinkering with cars, I understood what he meant by balanced and blueprinted. What it means is this is not just a bunch of parts like Milspec parts that are thrown into a rifle.



So the first thing I will tell you is that Adams Arms doesn’t call this a fighting rifle so I’m not going to call it a fighting rifle, I’m going to call it a Competition rifle. There are things about it that I don’t think are going to be good for defensive use. Now, having said that I reserve the right to change my mind; as I continue to test this gun I might change my mind. But on the face of it pretty much stay away when you are fighting for your life anything that says “Competition” or “Match” it really has no place on a fighting rifle. Again I could change my mind.


This thing is pretty neat, I wouldn’t call it light but it’s certainly not heavy, but it weighs what you would expect it to weigh. I do like the longer barrel, which is a full 16″ barrel with a comp on the end; a very nice comp. I’ll do some close ups so you can see. But this also has some Diamondback 45 degree sights which is really interesting because they stick up really high which is great for competition and great for shooting. The fact that they pop out, is good for tactical purposes because now they aren’t in the way because they aren’t intrusive and as you can see they fold up real easy and put away. Got a hand stop on it, got their very long rail on it. Please pardon me I wanted to get this video done and I am either having problems with my website or Adams Arms is having problems with their website, but I couldn’t pull up the specs for the rifle. I should be able to list all the specs below if you want to read the particulars, but always check the website for information on their guns. Let’s take a close up look at this thing.


Starting at the back of the rifle is a MOE stock. This is a fixed stock, it is a bit longer than I usually like for a tactical stock. This is about a 4 position stock, about 3 clicks out something like that, and I like it at about 1 click out so it is a little longer than I want and if I was going to keep this rifle and adapt it to me it would have a different stock on it. However Magpul stock; it has the sling attachments in it and what is neat about this stock, and is a rarity, it actually has a storage space inside it, actually a rather large storage space. So that’s kind of neat but like all Magpul stocks it is well made.The Magpul pistol grip with the compartment in it, I’m a fan. The trigger has a handy dandy shoe on it for the exact placement of your finger and notice that it is adjustable so you can move that piece up and down to customize where your trigger finger rests on it. You can have a custom spot on the trigger and if you notice the trigger is straight so it doesn’t change the ergonomics of the press no matter if it is at the bottom or the top. So that’s kind of neat, I’m interested to see how that thing works and we’ll open it up and take a look in the middle of it in a minute.


Close up of those Diamondhead sights, you push the button right here and they pop out and to put them away you can either push it over and then push the top down or you can just twist it and do it all in one motion. I am a fan of Diamondhead stuff, I’ve got several of their sets of sights already on fighting rifles and if you are looking for sights they do a good job.


The rail, this is the Adams Arms rail and I got to be honest with you I don’t know much about how these things are bolted on like these panels I haven’t messed with them a lot or know if they do come off. Some sling points up front, widgets railed attached stuff and hand stop to keep you from going off the front and then this bad a$$ comp. This is what we shot at SHOT Show. Between what’s going on inside the gun and this on outside the gun there is some magic happening.


So let’s open up this thing up. See what we got going on. Look at the lower first. Look at that trigger there is a lot of springs in there! More springs in there than a watch. Put the hammer forward. Don’t dry snap your AR 15’s without the upper on there. There is some serious springage going on there. I don’t know what kind of trigger it is, I don’t know if it is a proprietary trigger or not but there is certainly some stuff going on there. I do like the redundancy there, I like that there are two springs. It is very redundant with two springs but very interesting. Then of course I already pointed out the trigger.


Now this is the part that you’re going to say “that looks different”. It is the bolt carrier. It has the lightening cuts on it, metal taken off here, metal taken off here. Everywhere that there was some potential to save some weight, they cut it off. So this is part of what is responsible for the gun. There is some other stuff going on here too like this thing is springy. So I haven’t taken this apart to see how it is done on the inside but I got to tell you there is something different about this than any other one I’ve ever seen. It is part of their magic. I assume they don’t mind me opening this up to show it to you, I guess there isn’t anything proprietary in that respect. I don’t really see anything else new in there so I guess that’s about all the news that’s fit to print.


So that was it, what kind of testing are we going to do with this rifle? Well I don’t really know exactly what all we will do. Certainly Reid and I will take it out do some break in, shoot it on paper, and at distance and stuff like that. I wonder if I can find…If anyone knows someone at Trijicon, I don’t have any connections at Trijicon, I want an Acog for this thing. Help me out! So we will go out and do some accuracy tests. Also Reid and I and my wife are signed up for the Thunder Ranch urban rifle class this summer so I will take it through the urban rifle class and stuff like that. Maybe my wife will shoot it I don’t know. We will take it through and see how it does at that class. By the way everybody that teaches a rifle class where you shoot up close like less than 100 yards, it originated with the Thunder Ranch urban rifle. Even our fighting rifle class has its Genesis, its beginnings, from urban rifle even though I’ve never taken the class. That’s the class that began using carbines, in what were traditionally called pistol shooting distances. So homage to Clinton Ivy Smith out of Thunder Ranch.


So that’s it we will shoot it on paper, shoot it at distance, take it through some classes, we’ll get it hot, get it wet, get it cold and all that stuff and see how it works. So I want to thank the guys at Adams Arms. I got to tell everybody watching this that if I go out and it breaks in half, Adams Arms said go break this thing. They said we understand that mechanical things break, tell us where it breaks so we can make our rifles better. So the question is not will I break this rifle, the question is when will I break this rifle? And when I do, Adams Arms is ready to make the rifle better, so that deserves some respect! Thank you guys for watching and remember that your responsibility to be ready for the fight never ends.”


At Adams Arms we are dedicated to developing the best AR 15 rifles on the market, and because of that we are always seeking to make our rifles better. We are confident that James will put the C.O.R. through the paces and tell us what he thinks so we can continue to improve.

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