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We are always happy to showcase some of our customer’s custom builds to help others who are building an AR 15. Here is a video that was posted by TMHonfire102 on YouTube showing off his Adams Arms build. After he shoots you can see how cool the piston system runs and how there was not any fouling. The video is transcribed below.

“Ok I have a MP15 lower receiver on a DPMS upper receiver. It’s a 1/9 twist chrome lined barrel, Magpul stock, pistol grip, and PMAG all in dark earth with the rail ladders also in dark earth. This is a Daniel’s Defense quad rail with the Adams Arms piston conversion, and the piston rod actually runs underneath this rail just perfect. It is free floating no problems GG&G front and rear sights flip up, and Chip 3.5 pound trigger. You can barely touch that trigger and it will go off, or you could also bump fire this gun pretty easy.


This Adams Arms piston conversion, you can take the piston out pretty easy. The piston rod is in there, you can take it out like this by sticking this back in and coming out with it a little faster. Operating rod, you can wipe that down with a towel, stick it back in and the cleaning of the rod is done. Push down and click it in. The bolt carrier is a little different with the piston rod. The key inside of it is slightly different. I am about to shoot this but I wanted to let you know about the bolt carrier.


That is the piston rod in action right there. the piston is a little warm but not to much. I will angle this down and take it apart just to show you. Bolt carrier is clean as a whistle. No fouling and I can touch this with my hand. That thing is just as clean as a whistle. Put it back in and put it all back together and there is the gun.”


Great shooting and awesome build. I hope this video helps you in building an AR 15 of your own! For more on the Adams Arms piston conversion Click Here.

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