The Adams Arms Armorer Files: Receiver Slop

Adams Arms Custom Build in Flat Dark Earth

4 mins One of the best ways to truly customize your rifle and give it a look of its own is to go with a color or pattern. Adams Arms provides Kryptek rifles and parts in Highlander, Typhon, and Nomad and offers Kryptek kits that includes matching stripped upper and lower receivers, 12″ Extended Samson Evolution rail and Magpul MOE fixed rifle stock. Manzgear showed off his flat dark earth Adams Arms custom build with our piston gas block on YouTube and we thought we would shar […]

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How Does a Piston Work?

2 mins So how does a piston work and what are the benefits over a direct impingement system? As we are always striving to educate the public regarding our piston system, we like to share educational videos like this one from Cheaper Than Dirt. The video is a good animation of how the Adams Arms piston system works and the benefit it brings to the user. […]

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AR 15 Build with the Adams Arms Piston Kit

7 mins One of the best parts of the firearm community is the ability to share with fellow builders and compare/ contrast experiences, bounce ideas off each other, and hear their review of products. This article posted by m24shooter on a few years ago is a pretty thorough review of the Adams Arms piston kit on an AR 15 build with the benefits the system provides over other systems. See his thoughts below. […]

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Gas Piston Installation | Adams Arms Conversion Kit

9 mins It has been awhile since we posted a how to install the Adams Arms gas piston system instructional and it is nice to hear the variances of how different people do the install. This video posted on Vimeo by Andrew Walker (featuring Mike) can be viewed here. Below is a video transcription for those of you who would rather read than watch of the gas piston installation […]

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How do I get a NFA permit, stamp, or license? | The Process.

4 mins The National Firearms Act (NFA) enacted in 1934, imposes a tax on the transfer and manufacturing of certain firearms, and mandates registration of those firearms. Later amended in 1968, Title II of the Gun Control Act (GCA) removed the requirement for possessors of unregistered firearms to register if it was already possessed by the person. In order to legally acquire NFA firearms you must get approval by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) of a registered weapon. […]

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