Manimal Extended Flash Hider from Adams Arms

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Let’s take a closer look at the Adams Arms’ VDI Manimal Extended Flash Hider.


Like all flash suppressors, this extended flash hider reduces the visible signature while firing. Once pinned/welded, the flash hider gives 14.5” barrels an overall 16” length. The diameter is slightly less than a .750 barrel that allows for servicing and is treated with a proprietary LifeCoat process that makes the flash hider more durable and corrosive resistant. It is no secret we at Adams Arms think all of our products are awesome, but it always helps potential customers to hear what others think too. Matt at recently wrote a review of our Manimal Extended Flash Hider and we wanted to share.


Matt wrote, “I mentioned the Manimal Extended Flash Hider back when it was being developed in 2012. It was vaporware for a while and I lost track of it. It was brought back to mind during a conversation with an industry friend and I was happy to find that it did finally make it to market.The Manimal Extended Flash Hider occupies a unique space among flash suppressors. It is designed to be long enough to be permanently attached to a 14.5″ barrel to bring it to a legal length of 16″. It is also narrow enough that the gas block and barrel nuts can be passed over the device (as long as the pin and weld are cleanly finished). That means that you can easily swap hand guards without having to remove/destroy your muzzle device.”


The Manimal Extended Flash Hider has expanded the market for 14.5” pinned rifles. Rifles that would have been unserviceable with standard flash hiders are now serviceable. This is accomplished by the Manimal’s diameter being slightly smaller than the diameter of the barrel.


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