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Posted by Mike Shropshire from Guns & Tactics, this article entitled “Adams Arms C.O.R. Rifle” is a great read. Below is the article that goes over the different features of the C.O.R. and the benefits it can bring to a shooter. If you are looking for some competition optics ready equipment the C.O.R. could be the rifle for you. Hear what Mike has to say:


“3-gun competitions are designed to be fun for gun enthusiasts and serious competitors alike. Unfortunately, like anything else we invest time into, once you get started you want to add a ton of accoutrements to your specific firearm in the hope that it will make you a better shooter instead of getting your a** to the range and shooting some rounds. Instead we take it to an unreasonable level adding and subtracting until we have a pile of accessories on our platform and do no better at the competition. With so many companies claiming this particular piece will help in your search for perfection, the question will ultimately be: which combination will be correct or too much? Adams Arms offers a solution to at least the AR problem with their Competition Optics Ready Ultra Lite Rifle called the C.O.R rifle.


The C.O.R rifle is a reliable piston driven AR that is out-of-the-box ready to sweep any 3-gun, if you add the appropriate skill to the platform. In essence, a serious competitor could enhance his inventory and a novice could find themselves in a very high standing. Now, let’s be clear, I am not telling you that you will be the next Jerry Miculek, but let the rifle speak for itself.



The rifle featured is hydro dipped in a kryptek camouflage. The decision to use hydro dipping is to not only cut down on the weight, but to really make the camouflage pop and truly give that 3 dimensional look.


However, the inside of the rifle is where the real magic happens. Despite your taste in optics, pattern, or overall hand position, the rifle’s heart and soul are the barrel, bolt, and trigger.


The barrel is a 16.5 inch match grade coated with melonite. The process reduces normal wear on the barrel and massively reduces friction; add this to a piston driven AR and you have a very accurate firearm that can continue to fire accurately time and time again without changing the barrel anytime soon. To further assist with controlled pairs is a VooDoo Innovation Jet Compensator. The bolt is an amazing 21 percent lighter than your average bolt carrier group for this type of rifle, subtracting even more weight from the overall platform and includes the VooDoo Innovation fire pin. Top this off with a JP Enterprises trigger kit and spring, and you have a 3.5 pound pull to victory.


First impression of the rifle was the size and overall length at what looked to be just a hair over 3 feet. For someone who has spent most of their career shooting the M4 carbine, the rifle looked a little intimidating. However, when I picked it up to handle the weapon, it was very light and easy to manipulate all the controls. With an overall weight, minus any optics, it was just slightly over 4.5 pounds.


Shooting the rifle was a real joy. Wanting to just pull the trigger and send some rounds down range, it was immediately apparent that the rifle was of the highest quality and barely moved in my arms, allowing for accurate and consistent controlled pairs. Amazingly, without optics or use of the D-45 iron sights, the rifle was very accurate and true.


When it came down to business, I used 4 types of optics to test fire the weapon from prone supported and off hand. The optics consisted of an Aimpoint, Eotech, ACOG, and Leopold scope. The red dots worked exceedingly well during the off hand, placing shots consistently in the 9 and 10 ring while on the move at 25, 50, 65 meters. Distances of 100, 150 and 200 meters using the long range optics from the prone supported were always within 1 MOA. Now, I grew up shooting and furthered those skills and in the war. I am not a sniper but have made some pretty good shots in my time and missed even more. It is my opinion that if I had carried this rifle into battle, I would have never missed. Let me say that again, I would have NEVER missed a target. Any competitor, gun enthusiast, or combat veteran understands the frustrations of missing a target. Therefore, when we draw down on a target we need reliability and accuracy in all situations. When we translate this over to competitions such as three gun, we are invariably looking for both speed and accuracy to gain valuable points and shave off time, which the C.O.R. Ultra Lite delivers every time you pull the trigger.

We have heard many claims from many different firearms builders that their platform is out of the box ready for competition, but we have all added or subtracted to either give us an edge or cater it to our particular needs. Adams Arms C.O.R. rifle truly lives up to the claim out-of-the-box competition ready. With its light weight, precision yet rugged internals, and the overall sleek look of the rifle, it will truly met all challenges this writer could come up with. The platform is of the highest quality and its voracious appetite will eat all kinds of ammunition, including steel case Tul ammo, Federal 62 grain green tip5.56 mil spec, and 55 grain .223.


In a nutshell, we hear a slew of experts drone on and on about what is the best rifle or accessory that will help you get that slight edge at any competitions, but I have never encountered a more perfect package straight out of the box where I only had to add an optic and it was ready to go shooting 1 MOA at 100 meters. In this writer’s humble opinion it was better to get a complete competition ready rifle than to spend hundreds of dollars and frustrating trial and error looking for that perfect set-up.”


This competition optics ready equipment is the best of its kind. It is truly a gun that you have to shoot to believe all the hype. If you’re interested in purchasing your own Adams Arms Competition Optics Ready Rifle read more about the features Here.

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